Typed • Sewn • Confessions

My Dear Twitter's Could You Please DM Me Your Confessions..These Are To Be Used In An Art Installation. All Messages Will Stay Anonymous..

My Confessions ... I wrote my confessions into a journal and sewed the pages together

I sometimes wonder to myself ...

It's late and I can't sleep... I feel the demons descend... so I reach for Chaplin... usually 'The Kid'

We all bathed in the sink in the 70's... didn't we ?

Tea~one sugar and if possible long life milk ... please

Snow prevents me doing so much ...

I want to ride my bicycle...

My mother has Cancer ... I made her some hats ... This is Karin Stack's photographic documentation of her hair growing back after losing it in chemotherapy.

Are you a victim of cup cake culture ? ...

Tell me all your secrets and worries … then I will feel more superior for the afternoon

Having a Lah-de-da...

My choice of illustration is of an extreme in the 'crazy women behavior' genre, but it was chosen to make me feel less deranged regarding my own foolish conduct as a result of my personal insecurities.

Inside ...

I'm ill in bed with a fever... I am the only one with maternal instincts in my house ... I need a wife !

I can't cope with the theory of theory any longer ...

Sometimes if I feel low ... I find ways to make myself feel good

The Power of the Turtleneck

The worst is over ...

Stalingrad, 1943... And still the children study

Winning models stand next to their X-rays during a “good bone structure” beauty contest in 1956.

I did.... and it sucks !

when I was a little girl I wanted to be Elizabeth Montgomery... or was it a witch ?

These 9 drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD as part of a test conducted by the US government in the late 1950s. The artist was given a dose of LSD 25 and free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils. His subject was the medic.

it's only one commandment and everybody sins

I sometimes feel I am held together as secure as this fabric ... Ion Zupcu, untitled, 2002

Barthes - Elements of Semiology, Benjamin - Naples, Genosko - The Place of the Signifier, Chandler - Textual Interactions, Deleuze - Postscript on the Societies of Control, Mirzoeff - Culture, Derrida - Positions, Lotman - Universe of the Mind, Deely - Four Ages of Understanding, Guattari - The Three Ecologies, Bourriaud - The Use of Objects, Lefebvre - Seen From the Window, Virillio - Expect the Unexpected, Pollock - Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity

Carlsberg don't do night busses but if they did ... My night bus looks full of Hogarth characters

Yes lets... make mine a Maderia

None of these tortures come close to that of unrequited love ...

Certainly not front-room friendly, but a true pleasure to behold...look at his hand

Sometimes I make such stupid dicisions but there is no going back now ...

Illustrations are the new black ... I need to go into town today and get me some special tools

Dita von Tease posed on top of Victor Noir’s grave statue in Paris, 2003 There is a myth about the statue of Victor Noir that has made it legendary. The sculpture has a very noticeable protuberance in Noir’s trousers. This has made it one of the most popular memorials for women to visit in the famous cemetery. The myth says that placing a flower in the upturned top hat after kissing the statue on the lips and rubbing its genital area will enhance fertility, bring a blissful sex life, or, in some versions, a husband within the year. As a result of the legend, those particular components of the oxidized bronze statue are rather well-worn.

I have no pennies left ... Please let me sell some prints in London

My 1st car Fiat 500 'ONE 88OH' ... It didn't come with a coffin though.

Saturday night hanging around Spittalfields....This image is carved into the wall..

Shading is everything...

I recieved a wolf whistle today ... men used to give them out quite often in the 1970's/80s before it was considered degrading ... I loved it! along with the 3 teeth grin he gave me.

Expression of children at Paris Puppet Theater the moment the Bad Dragon was killed, the Tuilleries Garden, Paris 1963-by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Juggling children and their emotions drains my soul... sometimes

No rainbows without the rain. This too, shall pass.

How many spectacles can one desire before it's an obsession.

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